Allan Caeg

Allan is serious about positive change. He works hard on building thoughtful technology products with people from different perspectives.

As a technologist, he focuses on Product Management, User Experience Design, and Lean Startup.

He is passionate about ergonomics & design, productivity, open source, philosophy, psychology, innovation, sustainability, accessibility, health & wellness, education, opportunity and openness.

His years of work include serving as VP Product & UX for Save22, Senior Product Manager for USAP (NASDAQ: PRTS), Mozilla Rep, Usability Philippines Founder, Ubuntu Member, GNOME.Asia Committee Member, and Philippine Open Source Network Officer; among other roles.

He currently serves as Product Manager for migme, a mobile-first social network with 70M+ registered users mostly in markets in Asia, Middle East, and South Africa.

allancaeg [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com