Allison Silva

Sarcastic, snarky, a cynic, bratty; whatever you want to call her, Allison Silva is undeniably, irresistibly, silly and has a constant hankering for jelly beans. She scorns mediocrity, makes lists for everything, and has a serious addiction for collecting quotes and anything jellyfish related. 

Hailing from Montana, she is now a Colorado resident and if the altitude hasn't taken hold of her yet, the city-life has. A graduate from the Art Institute of Colorado, Allison, spends her days as an Interior Architect and a Property Manager. Allison also has a small "business" of creating crafts and clay art pieces from her home, of which her friends are the main "clients". 

When she isn't watching hockey, hiking, or finding the next adrenalin high; she is creating, playing, or hitting the gym.

Driven by success, fueled by passion, sprinkled with procrastination, supported, loved, and down-right crazy; Allison Silva is probably what the hokey-pokey is all about. Do you know Allison? You should...