Allison Tibbs

As an international author, speaker and coach, I help people to tap into their purpose and create businesses where they are able to do what they love and fulfill their life's purpose.

Each one of my businesses - Marquise Marketing, Allison Tibbs International, Shepreneur International, and Allison Tibbs Fitness - along with my Non-Profit, The Empower A Girl Foundation, was created to help serve my life's purpose of helping to change the lives of millions of people.

Living a life that is full of passion and fulfilling your life's purpose is the great achievement anyone can have. It sets the tone for the legacy that you leave on this earth. This is my mission, to not only live every day of my life doing what I love - helping people to have more success in their lives and businesses. I believe that this is my life's purpose and I am blessed to do it every day of my life.