Alvin Wong

I'm an 18-year-old applied drama and psychology student. I learn how to bring the art form out of the theatre and into the community for a range of purposes which include outreach, education, discourse, personal development and transformation, social change, raising awareness and making drama less elitist and 'only for the cultured'. My specific interests lie in using drama with youths, youth-at-risk and minority groups; I believe that drama has the power to create a space for the expression and exploration of voices and perspectives that can lead to understanding, respect and support within and between communities. I'm also passionate about social work; I aspire to spend my life helping others.

I'm also a mobile geek and tech enthusiast; I write for UnleashthePhones and am obsessed about smartphones and the wider mobile industry, sometimes irrationally so. My love for smartphones and mobile technology began in 2006 when a silver-and-plum Nokia N73 was passed down to me. Today, my enthusiasm and expertise centers around iOS, Android, MeeGo Harmattan, Windows Phone and Symbian; I'm currently using a Sony Xperia S and a Nokia N9 as my everyday devices.

The most magical thing about phones for me, smart or non-smart has always been how these little gadgets make our lives that much better each day and connect us to everyone we know and care about. They're no longer mere toys for people in suits; they've evolved into tools for the average person at a breakneck pace. Good technology improves lives, and I believe phones are at the forefront of that.

As an openly asexual teenager, I'm a strong believer in human rights, equality and challenging prejudice and discrimination.