Alysia S. Christiani

Under the umbrella Christiani Creative I provide freelance writing, design and project management services to businesses and individuals. Projects I'm currently I'm working on include:

Witness Project, a youth outreach program based in Guyana, South America that uses the arts to help break the cycle of child-directed and gender-based violence. As U.S. project manager, I work with an international team to develop & implement yearly youth programming. I also manage the project's social media presence.

Rewind & Come Again, an online exploration of Caribbean-American life. At RACA we celebrate, commiserate and poke fun at all that it means to be an American of Caribbean descent.

Demerara Gold, is a one-woman show that tell the story of a 7yr old Guyanese girl who is left behind when her parents move to America for a better life. And what happens when, years later, she joins them. I manage press, promotions and social media for the show.