Alyssa Jade McDonald-Bärtl

Creator of Single Bean Virgin Chocolate. Evolving standards to Influence Food Sovereignty & AgroEcology.

“Her energy and passion for her chocolate and social enterprise seems inexhaustible. She puts an audience under a spell when she raves about a better world, and uses cacao as her metaphor. The fact the she found her example in the jungles of Ecuador on the basis of her family roots in Papua New Guinea is fascinating. This woman burns for her mission.” Wall Street Journal

“Lyss is not only an inspiring entrepreneur, but also a wonderful person who is on a mission to make chocolate even better”. Nico Lumma,

“Lyss is one of those women who, with her cheerful and humorous way, can bring you under a spell with her story and courage. A conversation with her is a pure experience!” Sabine Gruen, PR, Brigitte

“Alyssa is amazing and passionate, full of energy, driving the change.” Philipp Schindera, SVP Corporate Communications Deutsche Telekom

“An hour listening to a presentation by Lyss feels like you've just bathed in French champagne, it's invigorating, refreshing, and feels a little bit special. It leaves you wanting for more, to hear of her company start up, her philanthropic work affecting so many lives and her ability to take action and get results. She is one of those rare human beings that easily moves through peoples lives enriching them through social enterprise work within communities or inspiring corporates & individuals to take action.” Dayle Grant, Group Manager, ENERGEX Australia

“Alyssa Jade is a bundle of emotions and ideas. Her presence is inspiration and pure zest. On stage, she shares in an authentic way fresh points of view and exudes energy.”
C.Christian Rätsch, CEO Saatchi&Saatchi Germany

“Lyss is extraordinary. She is a whirlwind, a true entrepreneur, a continuous source for inspiration, a trusted advisor, and a true treasure.” Dr Percy Smend, Managing Partner Scholtz & Friends Strategy Group

"Lyss is an inspiration for me. Her knowledge and skills surprises me again and again, and influences my viewpoint. She is a Change Maker that I want to know.
Reliability has a new meaning for me since I met her.” Tatjana Kiel, CMO Klitschko Management Group