Amanda Ahl

Life isn’t anything like what I dreamed it would be growing up. It’s a screwed up, messed up, crazy place in need of hope. In need of people who have hope. Who have Life. It needs those of us who know that the crap of this world isn’t all there is. It doesn’t just want us. It NEEDS us. Those parents who find out their 8-year-old has a brain tumor need to know that Someone is in control. They need compassion as they struggle with this fallen world. They need you and me to be the arms of our Savior and wrap them in a warm embrace. They need someone who knows and understands the miracles of science, and the point where science just won’t cut it anymore. Most importantly, they need love beyond all explanation. Then again, don’t we all?

That’s why I’m going into medicine. Because I was called. As a Christian. As one who struggles with how screwed up this world truly is. As one who knows there’s something more, and knows that something more will make all of this worthwhile.