Amanda Gordon

Professional problem solver with over 4 years of media experience with the last two focused on managing social media clients.

Wears a lot of hats: Work as acting head of content & digital strategist at a small digital agency, crafting social media strategy, running reports, handling marketing & PR for the agency & moonlighting as a copywriter when necessary.

Plays well with others: Works with a range of stakeholders including media agencies, creative teams, PR agencies and brand managers.

Been there, done that: Prior role included working at an email marketing startup as senior editor & social media manager. Previously, roles included over 2 years of work with Starcom Mediavest, ZingPR, The Disney Channel, Angeleno Interiors Magazine, Angeleno magazine, & Pepperdine University.

No more teachers, no more books: Holds a B.A. in Advertising and an M.A. in Communications from Pepperdine University.

Work hard, play hard: Voracious reader. Hardcore triathlete. Relentless ocean swimmer. 8 time marathoner.