Andrzej Marczewski

A web developer since 2000, I now work as the Intranet Web Manager as part of the UK web team at Capgemini UK.

Having achieved a high level of expertise in this area, these days my passions revolve around the exciting worlds of Gamification, Social Media, Technology and Video Games.

I am amazed every day by how much is happening in these fields and enjoy feeling part of this. I blog on a weekly basis about Gamification, social media and technology and in 2012, self published an eBook on gamification Gamification: A Simple Introduction. This has all lead to speaking at international events about gamification as well as advising some small businesses on the topic. I am also a Gamification Level 1 Certified Designer.

In 2006 I started a side project called Yet Another Review Site to review video games and hardware. Developed with the idea that anyone should be able to have the chance to get into reviewing, It sees thousands of monthly visitors and has several editors and reviewers helping.