Aulia Masna
I'm a professional blogger. I write about technology and technology issues on a local and global scale. Allergic to working at an office, I'm tied only to my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. I work wherever I can get an Internet connection. Throughout my college years I've always done graphic design work for student organizations and a number of events and upon returning to Jakarta from Melbourne, I started my career as a freelance print designer before I was hired by an Apple Reseller as part of the company's design team. Several years later, Macworld Indonesia approached me and asked me to join the magazine as its executive editor, which I happily obliged for two years before my freelance spirit kicked in again. These days I write for DailySocial, raising issues in technology, questioning motives, results, and reasons behind Indonesia's technology startups aside from blogging about gadgets and technology in general on my own blog. I used to write for JakartaGlobe,, and e27. My lack of Indonesian leads me to write exclusively in English, any articles in Indonesian that bear my name are actually translated. You can find my articles, stories, blog post, photos, and other works at the links below. I co-wrote a Mac OS X Leopard tips and tricks book with Dirgayuza. Currently overseeing projects, events, and content direction at