Amber Reyngoudt

I'm often asked why I chose to become a software engineer.  The simple answer is that my inspiration and aspirations stem from my Grandmother.  My Grandmother is in her own right an entrepreneur; she's started many small businesses, including a few restaurants and an inn.  Her modest income supported me and my family while I was growing up.

It was in high school that she convinced me to take a few computer classes.  At first it was all Oregon Trail, but I soon picked up some Basic programming.  However, my love was in the theater, and I landed a college scholarship for theater.

While I had my head in the clouds, Grandma always had her feet on the ground. She viewed computer skills as something that would provide me with an independent future.  Such was my admiration for her, that I was convinced to go to college with the odd mix of a CS major and theater minor!

It didn't take long for my future to come into focus, and I dropped theater.  I got an internship at Nortel Networks, and took a position at Intel post graduation.

My career has taken me many places, with each year full of new people, challenges, and exciting opportunities!