Amber Whittier Yoga


"Be in rhythm with your rhythm."

I ask, "To what capacity do I yearn to explore the depths of truth?"

Welcome to my journey.

The answer is always arriving.

Practice after practice. Breath after breath. Smile after smile.

I say, be strong, open, and spontaneous

to the ever-shifting nature of human beingness.

Practice kindness to yourself and all beings.



It makes the inner organs happy

and builds rhythm.


Expand awareness of the holistic pathways to optimal wellness.

The map's routes are explorative movement,

each marker a metropolis of stories.

Which routes to take? Which characters to learn from?

Each of us has a unique journey to wellbeing,

and, as many journeys go,

having a few well-intentioned guides along the way

can make for interesting company and insightful new endeavors.

I produce wellness adventures, distilled from my 20+ years of study

of the holistic alignment of attitude, body, and actions.

Join me for an upbeat, big-hearted practice

and greet yourself where you are in your journey,

at this moment, in this breath.

I offer private & public classes, workshops, & retreats.

Weekly home public classes: T/TH 6:15p, 7:35p

@ Glow Yoga & Wellness - San Francisco, CA.

For more web adventure, check out my brand spanking new blog here:

To exploration!