Amed Rodriguez

Entrepreneur with a strong background in Software Development, highly passionate about Tech Startups, best practices and the processes involved in building successful and sustainable online businesses.

While programming has been part of my day-to-day since I was 16 years old, I also have acquired valuable experience in several disciplines that have a direct impact in the growth of any Tech Company such as Product/Customer/Agile Development, Technical Staffing and CTO-level advising.

Over the course of my career I've helped as external consultant, advisor and coach for several Companies on either early or medium stages. I've also given a few training courses, public tech-related talks and acted as a mentor for Startup accelerators and funds.

In late 2010, I co-founded a high-quality software development shop called Tractical, headquartered in Monterrey Mexico from where we work with clients from top-notch cities such as London, UK and San Francisco, CA.