an Developing attitudes toward creating business value from original, groundbreaking technologies like cloud, social connectivity and collaboration. Increasing IT productivity and value to drive growth across the value-chain through the Enterprise Cloud Strategy Framework.
Uniting business insight and management re-alignment with technological possibilities, essential to progression and innovation.
Companies, regardless of size, need to change their perspective on ‘IT’ and technology. They need to understand that technology (‘IT’) is now a major player when it comes to corporate strategy. With technology moving so fast strategies, thoughts and ideas needs to move just as quick (agility) to remain innovative and relevant.
Understanding the extended value-chain, connecting and collaborating, with a vision to new brand and product opportunities. Visualizing cloud-enabled business models that offer the opportunity for new revenue streams by fashioning shrewd technology enabled business manifestos.
“Technology’s only the enabler; it’s how we use it that makes the real difference.”