Ameni Nazaretha Sitorus

uhm... well... I'm Ame, just graduated from JHS, and now studies in SMAN 1 Tangerang. 15 yearsyoung, Indonesian, and a dreamer.

I write, sing, draw, play keyboard and piano (well I'm still not good enough) but whatever. someday I WILL become a pro ;)\

I'm in science class, but that weird thing is science is just not my thing and such. My fave subject in school is not science subject, but its japanese, english, and music.

I LOVE music. my fave musician is owl city. I love how he wrote his songs and did the music. His music is is really nice, relaxing, and meaningfull. And, I like his personality.

Besides that, I also an otaku (well, kinda) too. I love watching anime, reading manga, and such. recently my tumblr filled with anime and vocaloid.

more about me here (well still I'm sorry if you're not indonesian and you cant understand what am I saying) but beside that I'm just an ordinary highschool student.

links below ;) well if u need sth u can mention me on twitter. if you want to know sth just ask me on or formspring.

oh, and ask me if u want to know my deviantart,, or my askblog lol