Abhishek Anchliya

a curious human, perfectionist, mountaineer, traveler, amateur filmmaker and by chance an engineer. I surf more internet than average human and buy more books than I could ever read! In recent years, I am starting to see life in a very different light. Life, I want to mould it, mess with it, fight, lose, win, fall, get up, stumble, experience, try, quit, give in, give up, accomplish....succeed or fail but enjoy living it, loving it! Rumi said 'You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?' -couldn't agree more.

I have an intense desire to travel the world, create things that I am proud of, build a business that help others, climb highest mountains,make films with soul, write a book and live in multiple countries. I like to read non-fictional work, philosophy and history. Religion and Atheism interests me quite a bit.

I am just what the world needs right now- another lost soul!