Andia Winslow

I am a professional golfer who also runs a 23 flat 200M and has a 44'' vertical. In Winters I live at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY to race as a Skeletor on Ice. I have a mildly photographic memory.  For some reason, I align colors with numbers and have been doing so since age two. RED=2, White=1, BLUE=5. My favorite color is BLACK, that would be a 10. Let's go with the Olympic theme here: 215. I recently took a trip to Paris to meditate petit cochon. They call me “[Andy] Watson” – think Sherlock’s analytical chronicler. I’ve made my backyard the set of fitness videos that I post on YouTube. Interests: Peace, Positive Energies, Creation, Laughter and Barefoot Grass Striding. I Was Never in the Box. #DORKDOM