Andrew Gatenby

I'm an experienced web developer working for the award winning ecommerce specialists Visualsoft.

I work to promote sustainable new development, as well as supporting maintenance and optimisation work to our core eCommerce platform used by hundreds of eCommerce clients. What all that waffle means is that I build the cool behind-the-scenes bits that make eCommerce websites work!

I live in the North East of England and am lucky enough to share every day with my beautiful wife Kelly, our 4 year old son Ethan, a second on the way for 2013 and a hamster called Elvis (RIP).

I have a recent convert to Android (<3 the HTC One), am the proud owner of numerous boxes of "useful" cables and (have in the past) developed an entirely new way of snowboarding that doesn't make a single muscle in your body ache.

Rock, and indeed, roll.