Andy Wheatley

I develop brand strategies and marketing campaigns based on sustainable, ethical and pro-social propositions

For over 10 years I worked for some of the world's leading brand consultancies but became concerned about the impact of indiscriminate consumption, growth and negative corporate behaviour. In 2010 I set up HMKD to help enlightened brands overcome these challenges and communicate with their customers in a more engaging, compelling and responsible manner.

Sustainability is about much more than just the environment. It’s about kindness, friendship, humanity and wellbeing and includes wider societal challenges such as the need to redefine growth, prosperity and economics in a way that benefits more than just the privileged few. I believe that brands are amongst the most important influencers of human behaviour and have a huge responsibility in this area.

I work with businesses who understand that profitability and making a positive contribution to the world around them do not have to be mutually exclusive.

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