Anett Gläsel-Maslov

I was born in Leipzig (Germany) and since my childhood I always loved to discover new cultures and countries. But there are still many more places to see as I could find the time to travel yet. But whenever you are looking for me, try it in the next forrest, close to the next lake or in a concert in town. I'm addicted to nature and good music!

My professional passion lies in public relations and social media communications. Since spring in 2013 I dedicate all my power to Metaio - the world's leading Augmented Reality company with its Headquarter in Munich. Further information about us can be found on our website:

I graduated at the University of Leipzig as a M.A. in German and English Philology and Journalistics.

As a co-author of the social media guidebook "Erste Hilfe für Social Media Manager" we provide best practice examples and recipes for Social Media Manager in their daily business. And not enough, I am one of the organizers of the Social Media Club and the Digital Media Women in Munich.