Angela M. Hall

Angela Hall is the Founder and Creative Director of (an educational and people-to-people media inspired blog) and (stories of change-makers blog), both founded on the deep and heartfelt belief that true personal and professional success is only achievable through self-discovery and maxing out ones humanity.

Angela’s experience in business began at the budding age of 19, in 1997. Through an international entrepreneurial opportunity, Angela initiated proprietorship of Artistic Touch Flowers & Gifts. Quickly discovering she had a knack for business, the real discovery was her flair for connecting with people and through this talent Artistic Touch became the ‘go-to’ spot for all the special moments within the military community of Schweinfurt Germany.

This initial success, driven by the passion to learn more, built a roadmap of opportunities and phenomenal mentorships from successful entrepreneurs across the globe. “A breath of fresh air. Her gift is her heart,” and from the heart is where Angela seeks to discover the gap between each and every potential connection waiting to be made; an idea waiting to be had, a voice hoping to be heard, or a brand trying to connect with their audience.

Writer, entrepreneur, adventurer, activist & blogger; Angela currently resides between Los Angeles, CA and Denver, CO.