Angelo Grazioli

Constantly in a state of quantum superposition.

Angelo moved to London in 2006 and love it ever since.

He was born somewhere somehow around 1985 on a little island in the Caribbean, but being raised first in Luxembourg and then in Italy got him confused about where he truly belongs and London has become the place he calls home.

His daughter is what he lives for but he won't show you any baby pictures.

Music, technology, flavour, passion, the Universe, Zen, beauty and Love are his "thing".

Angelo is a bit of a philosopher, a hard core thinker and communicator but he is really annoying about other stuff too, like art, books, comedy and the meaning of life.

Angelo knows English, French, Italian; he gets German, Spanish and Chinese mandarin; he doesn't know Kung-Fu but has a Zen attitude towards life and stuff.

In his spare time he moonlights as a business consultant, promoting cloud computing, paper-free work environment and mobile technologies.

Angelo never talks of himself in third person; this is a one off.