Aniekan Okono

I run many experiements in order to find the exact fit or. Currently I am working on to help companies find interns and interns to find internship opportunities. Check it out at

If you need an entry level job or an internship position, apply to numerous openings via

I also help international companies get publicity in Africa, starting from Nigeria with .We do this with a paid press release distributuion to bloggers and journalists using

I worked on LokalHouse which is a real estate meta search engine in India . LokalHouse also offered real estate predictive analysis solutions for the real estate industry.

Real Estate Predictive Analysis involves "housing price index forecast, property value forecast, land rate estimates". This service is available now in India.

I love business development and sales. These days am learning more about front end web development, product development and internet marketing.

I have a BBA in Business Adminstration from Central Ostrobthnia University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

I am a Nigerian currently living in Helsinki, Finland. I play football as receation and am a believer in God.

I am a very passionate person and I try to make it show in the things that I've done. I've failed in life and am learning from failure and am trying not to fail again in those areas that I failed previously.

I edited/made a DIGITAL magazine called "Miemagazine. Find it here . Am also working with a few persons on EmergeAfrica Digital Magazine. Find it here

These magazines are geared towards entrepreneurship.

I spend time trying to learn, testing and trying things. by so doing I've also found out ways to make things cheaper but still good looking. These skils they don't teach you at school, life teaches you.

It is never hard to come up with an idea, so am trying to learn execution to enable me make these ideas that I come up with work. Some of these ideas also require a better location. Don't ask me about it, come put your legs in my shoes.

You can find me almost all over the internet on the available links below.