Anita Stewart

Anita is a licensed medical professional, elected official, radio talk show host, artist, crafter, writer, blogger, photographer, Political Consultant, and a New Media and Virtual Outreach expert. In 2010, Anita was elected to the Hillsborough County (Tampa Metro) Soil and Water Conservation Board, Seat 5. She won the seat with over 82,000 votes and spent less than $300 for her campaign. Anita is a long time organizer for the Green Party. She is the Interim President of Veterans for Peace Tampa and she broadcasts and produces the Wise Women Media Radio Show on the Here Be Monsters Network every Friday night.

Anita is a USAF veteran and worked as an Intelligence Operations Specialist in the US and in Europe. She studied English, Film, Political Science and Journalism in college and helped found Veterans for Peace Chapter 119, Code Pink Tampa Bay and the Tampa Bay Indymedia Collective. Anita was one of the first organizers for HANDS ACROSS THE SAND, a global initiative to stop offshore oil drilling and promote energy alternatives. She supports MOVE TO AMEND, an initiative to abolish CORPORATE PERSONHOOD and she supports political candidates that are not “corporate owned.” From 2006 until 2012 Anita was on staff for three presidential campaigns, Kucinich (D), McKinney (G) and Barr (G).

Currently, Anita is now learning about Sustainable Living and Localism by crafting, growing, cooking and storing food, learning more about reselling, passing on natural cures and recycling, reusing and repurposing. She knits, paints, crafts, makes beaded jewelry and accessories, loves to do yoga and swim and explores in nature with her camera every chance she gets!