Anita Stewart

BIO: Anita is a licensed medical professional, radio talk show host, artist, crafter, writer, blogger, photographer, Political Consultant, and New Media and Virtual Outreach expert. Anita grew up in her father’s radio station. She is a USAF veteran and worked as an Intelligence Ops Specialist in the US and Europe. She studied English, Film, Political Science and Journalism.

From 2006 until 2012 Anita was on staff for three presidential campaigns, Kucinich (D), McKinney (G) and Barr (G). She supports political candidates that are not “corporate owned.” From 2010 to 2014, Anita was elected and served on the Hillsborough County (Tampa Metro) Soil and Water Conservation Board. She won the seat with over 82,000 votes and spent less than $300 for her campaign. She co-founded and organized Veterans for Peace Chapter 119, Code Pink Tampa Bay and the Tampa Bay Indymedia Collective.

Anita is a long time grassroots organizer for the GREEN PARTY and believes in the 10 Key Values and Green Party platform. She is the Interim President of VETERANS FOR PEACE TAMPA. She broadcasts and produces the WISE WOMEN MEDIA RADIO SHOW on the Here Be Monsters Network and has recently created a new network called CHALLENGING THE RHETORIC. Anita works with multiple organizations to ensure human rights and social justice for all, a green environment, clean water and safe non-GMO food. She has worked locally and statewide on campaigns to halt oil drilling, fracking and mining and advocates for energy alternatives. She supports the end of the prohibition of Marijuana and it's legalization for medical and recreational use.

Currently, Anita is doing Public Relations and Promotions for local entertainers and artists through her company POWER NEW MEDIA & PR. She is also a contributor and staff reporter for the online magazine, ROCK AT NIGHT. During the week, she works directly with dementia and hospice patients. When she has any spare time, she knits, bakes bread, cooks, gardens, paints, crafts, does yoga, swims, sings, plays her ukelele, drums, listens to live music and explores in nature with her camera!