Anjana Love Dixon

"I am here to create."

Firebrand Blogger | Indie Musician | Hopeful Actress | Business Oracle | PR Deity | Thick Hooper Chick | Women's Empowerment Goddess living on #GoddessWisdom + Creative Juice

Current Events:

  • Building a multi-media publishing house
  • Consulting: content & brand Illumination, artistic direction, business development
  • Enjoying public speaking gigs and am currently booking more
  • Enjoying "Reason & Responsibility" a kickass philosophy anthology by Joel Feinberg & Russ Shafer-Landau. It is inspiring my book "Start in the Dark: reveling in the art of human error."

Pet Projects:

  • The Portals: musical duo currently creating + recording
  • Indigochile: Fashion line for the empowered woman