ankush vimawala

Playing Tabla since 1990, Ankush was awarded several gold medals for his Visharad (BA) degree in Tabla, by the "Bruhad Gujarat Sangeet Samiti in India. Living in Eugene, Oregon since 2003, Ankush offers his skills as a freelance Tabla player. Ankush has performed and recorded with artists such as Jai Uttal(Grammy Nominee), Donna De Lory, C.C. White, Dave Stringer, Tahir Qawwal, Cheb-i-Sabah, Jah Levi, Shimshai, Bhagawan Das, Durga Das, Jaya Lakshmi, Yousouphah Sidibe, Michael Cohen and many more.

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Ankush also travels the world and offers unique photographic perspectives. His photography has been showcased in several art galleries in various states.

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Ankush is originally from india and migrated to the USA for a higher education, he earned his Master's degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University. After which, he went on to work as a Software Engineer for 8 years. In 2012 Ankush finally gave up his cubicle job and renounced the corporate culture. Ankush opened the first healing center in Eugene offering sensory deprivation float tanks "Float Om". Ankush is also now fully focused on his music and is available for booking tours, festivals, studio sessions etc.


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