Hello! My name is Anton. I like space, adventures, time travel, cute characters, science experiments, dangerous music, typography, tasty colors and fresh looking stuff.

I’m up for freelance projects!

I grew up in the mountains of northern Sweden. When I was 4 years old I made my first comic, and since then I only wanted to become a comic book artist. At some point I became more interested in making music, which led me into becoming interested in computers and other forms of digital creativity. Between 2007 and 2011 I was running the internet based record label Polkanetwork, where I also released several experimental electronic EP’s and albums, including one made almost entirely with a Nintendo Game Boy.

When I was in the university, doing a BSc. in media production, I realized that what I liked doing the most was creating moving pictures and graphics. Alongside my studies I ran my own company for freelance work, as well as doing internships and personal projects in my free time. I had the opportunity to work on a couple of feature films as well as a at the set of big TV-series production. In 2010 I made the short film “Tvål", which won several awards and was screened at the Gothenburg International Film festival, among others.

After graduating from the university I moved to Stockholm to attend the Motion Graphics program at Hyper Island, from where I graduated in 2012. Then I went to live in London for a year, where I worked at Cake, full time as a motion designer. In London I also met my partner Not Flipper, and together we formed the collective B.B. Vandals.

I’ve always loved typography and drawing, and occasionally I make typefaces.

At the moment I’m back in the mountains of Sweden, working with freelance projects and getting ready for the next big adventure!

Quick resume:

Cake, London UK
Motion designer, 2012-2013

Freelancer, worldwide
Animator, graphic designer, director, 2010-current

Upper First, Malmö Sweden
Motion graphics intern and freelance, 2012

STARK, Gothenburg Sweden
Motion graphics intern, 2011

Zentropa Sweden
VFX/Post production intern and freelance, 2010-2011