Allison Peacock

A lifelong entrepreneur and professional communicator, I've thrived in spite of several lifetime’s worth of adversity in the past 30 years - much of it spent navigating the healthcare system. I love putting the lessons I've learned to work helping others. My business and personal platforms each serve my mission to help others in unique ways.

Peacock Omnimedia
Leveraging decades of business marketing & communications experience, I help raise the voices and achieve the goals of entrepreneurs, luxury lifestyle brands, and innovative medical organizations.

White Horse Medicine™
I am a pro bono patient advocate, speaker, and blogger on the subject of personal responsibility for wellness, including the topics of self-care, empathy, mindfulness, and resilience.

I wear a sarcastic wit proudly. It's a genetic curse from my father. And I can't help one bit the "Darlin's" and the "Sweetie Pies" that escape my lips daily. That's from my mom's Southern belle side of the family.

Most weekends you'll find me listening to the wind - either on my road bike, or with a kid, dog or Arabian horse at my side.