Giovanni Benavides MHC-LP/ Therapist

The reasons people come to therapy is as varied as people themselves. Often, clients have encountered distressing, stressful experiences or situations  which they want to talk about in a safe and private setting.

These might include present circumstances of bereavement, separation or other major life transitions or experiences from the past, such in childhood. Others seek help in dealing with specific psychological, or behaviors which they like to alter, such as compulsive thoughts or difficulties relating to people.

Some people seek counseling to help them explore a general feeling that their lives are not quite right or cope with feelings of depression or anxiety.  Still,  others look for as part of their effort to discover or create meaning in their lives. Many people are attracted to counseling as an opportunity to undertake personal development in a safe and supportive environment: It is not at all necessary to have problems to find counseling useful. 

In addition to help with specific goals or difficulties, clients who undertake counseling may experience general improvement in their quality of life, including;

  • decreased defensiveness
  • increased ability to express themselves
  • improved relationship with others
  • increased self-esteem
  • school/ peers
  • work/ staff
  • home/ relatives

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