April Rinne

I'm an insatiable globetrotter (86 countries and counting), YGL at the World Economic Forum, and do a mean handstand.

I also build bridges at the intersection of trends and sectors. Within the sharing economy, I'm particularly focused on policy issues, market expansion opportunities and unleashing new sources of value. At Collaborative Lab, I lead our Shareable Cities initiative which is designed for city and public leaders around the world to harness the incredible potential of collaborative consumption to build more sustainable, healthier and connected communities. Civic innovation and business innovation go hand in hand.

I thrive when I can bring people, ideas and resources together in ways that say "wow, that's what the world needs." And then make it happen.

Areas of expertise include: collaborative consumption / sharing economy, policy and business innovation, impact investing, emerging markets.

Additional expertise: microfinance, management of common resources, international corporate law, women and leadership, financial innovation for water and sanitation.