Aric S. Queen

idealistic wino who's somehow managed to charlatan his way into travel writing and producing. noveled a book about his clash with the Chinese government. writes for National Geographic. travels for National Geographic. writes for Converse. wears Converse. Current TV's 'Most Prolific' for 2006. likes to take pictures, but doesn't know how a camera works. will bore you with every Otis Redding story imaginable. one of his shows was listed in Time Magazine's Top 10. will inspire you with the importance of small bites. has a boat. has a big ole travel website but doesn't get to update it much. luckiest boy you'll ever meet. has the most beautiful nephew you'll ever see. just finished a 9-month bicycle trip around Europe and North Africa. host of BBC's 'Treasure Hunters'. about to leave on a wonderful new adventure. tall. tattooed. and so much fun.