Arjen Strijker

Entrepreneur with a greedy curiosity about strangers. I'm co-founder & CEO of Capital On Stage – a global venture capital conference.

I enjoy creating new businesses, meeting passionate/ talented/ impatient people, and making connections between them.

Today I focus my time on Capital On Stage (London, Berlin, New York, Singapore, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv). They call us unconventional because it's the Venture Capitalists who pitch to Startups - instead of the reverse (featured on Forbes, TechinAsia, TheNextWeb, VentureVillage etc).

What I do best is spotting and making connections. I’ve connected thousands of people with each other – creating new business opportunities between them. Today I mostly just connect investors and startups.

Rules of Thumb I live by:

  • Life is fun and short – don’t take anything too seriously, including yourself
  • Take a stand and take things personal – don’t let others interrupt you
  • Surround yourself with people you respect and find interesting – learn from them
  • What you give is what you get (back)

I believe that Time and Mobility are the new currencies, people are intrinsically good, and the Internet is just at the start of disrupting everything we do.

When you know me you'll find that all my initiatives form a bridge between the old and the new world of work.

Oh, and I just got married!