Armani Joseph | Director

At heart I am a writer, it started with the underappreciated art form of poetry, an architect designing the blue prints to convey stories filled with emotions. These poems eventually became the building blocks to my creations and those words I started to imagine them visually. I began to expand my horizons when I saw the possibilities writing created. I soon expanded from writing poetry; turning them into short stories and films. Seeing my words coming to life ignited something within me, I needed to pursue film. I knew that this spark was part of what made me feel alive and if I didn’t explore it I would never be happy doing anything else. Devoted to the arts and dedicated to all forms of its creation I embarked on a profession in the Entertainment Business.

Co-founder of independent production company; Mini Empire Entertainment. A creative team that has shot two television pilots, a reality web series, and numerous sketches. Honored to win the California Film Award for Best Television Pilot for our show “Hopelessly Awkward.”

Also Co-Founder of Live Art Love, an independent production company that specializes in short films, commercials, music videos, fitness videos, fashion videos, and indie feature films.

Armani Joseph is dreamer, a hard worker, a person filled with a passion to help others follow their dreams and a man determined to take this industry by storm.