Aron Solomon

Techvibes recently described Aron Solomon in this way: "In building both his career and his image, Solomon has put in his time. He might be one of North America's foremost thinkers in education innovation."

A global strategist, entrepreneur, and advisor, Aron Solomon has close to thirty years of experience at the intersection of education and innovation. Having done much of what one can actually do in education - from teaching and coaching sports to fundraising, student recruitment, institutional strategy, and actually running schools - Aron was awarded a Ford Fellowship in 2003. As his leadership project, he launched the first independent school in-house consulting business, which became profitable in its first year.

Soon after, Aron became COO of a very early global e.learning initiative. In this role, he established and communicated a new online brand throughout the world with a focus on India and China. He was also the CEO and first employee of THINK Global School, the most innovative high school in the world, where students study in three international cities each academic year.

Aron is a serial entrepreneur who has launched everything from the first luxury-branded education pop-up, to a global education design studio, to a thriving innovation consultancy that imparts the attributes, values, and techniques of Silicon Valley to audiences around the world. Aron describes himself, ultimately, as "one who could never even consider doing something that doesn't at least aim at global change."

He holds an undergraduate degree in political theory, a graduate degree and teaching certificate in english and economics, and a juris doctor degree. He has also completed a certificate from the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago - where he had the great good fortune to be taught leadership by Dr. Deepak Chopra - and attended the Master Class from Sweden's Hyper Island.

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