Art Szabo
• Professional vocalist for 17 years • Touring musician for 10 years • Graphic designer for 10 years • Talent Buyer at The Starlite Room and in Edmonton Alberta since 2008 and still going! • Former Talent Buyer for the Phunkin Gruuve in Lloydminster Alberta • Factor Grant Juror • Independent Music Awards Finalist Judge • WCMAs Finalist Judge 2011 The idea of SFEAR came to me somewhere on the HI way between Alberta and BC. I had just gotten screwed by yet another person promising me great (insert much needed band item here) for a decent price and done fast. Many people have tried to do the One Stop Shop idea but fall short on a few different ideas, Not really their fault mind you...THEY'VE NEVER BEEN ON THE ROAD! Flash forward several years and I am now the Talent Buyer for the infamous Starlite Room in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The idea rushes into my head once again when I receive a phone call from a CD manufacturer that I used years before saying they had a great spring deal for me. After explaining to them that I am no longer fronting a band but I am a Talent Buyer, I got this great idea.... The First obstacle overcoming the One Stop Shop idea has been overcome. They signed me to a contract and I was a broker for a manufacturer of CDs! Shortly after that Screen Printers, Photographers, media people, web designers etc. all followed suit. So that's the Idea behind SFEAR we offer everything you'll ever need at the best possible price guaranteed. We don't shove your band CD aside because we have big corporate website to finish...we get sh*t done! I understand what you are going through I've been there several times. The pain of not knowing where to book shows, how do I get shirts done? What's the best design?, How do we launch our social media? What sites do we use? How much does a photo-shoot cost? And millions of other questions... the best advice I ever got was never forget where you came from. So my reps and I will offer you the best cutting edge advice, merchandise, website, EPK, Video, and Graphic Design ... whatever you need.