Asher Salik

A motivated high school student and analytical thinker. Interested in economics and statistics in order to understand and resolve global issues. Excelling at academics and ranking highly at academic competitions, Asher is preparing for success in the business world. Taking a unique interdisciplinary approach to solving problems, Asher has multiple passions ranging from literature to policy. He has been honored with multiple scholastic awards and continues to be a leader in his school and community. He is the President and Founder of the BC Stock Market Club and has leadership positions in multiple academic societies. Asher has studied at Syracuse University and Brown University for summer terms and used his experiences to start a tutoring business and non-for-profit organization called AcademX Inc. AcademX has collaborated with the College of St. Rose and has provided around 100 tutoring hours and 680 study guides. He also is proficient in technology, he manages FUMC Delmar's social media and maintains his blog, Wired Catalyst. Asher's unique entreprenurial drive coupled with an insatiable intellectual curiosity enable him to thrive under any conditions.