Alexandre Scriabine

I'm currently part of the Performance Based Marketing team at Electronic Arts' Corporate Headquarters, Calif., USA. I run Global Paid Search Marketing efforts for a selection of EA games including franchises such as Star Wars™, Battlefield™, FIFA™, Need for Speed™, Titanfall™ or Dragon Age™. I was among the very few who pioneered Performance Marketing at EA. Prior to that, I kickstarted in 2006 along with Cédric Page and other visionnaires and worked for 3 years at building the brand, foundations and partnerships of what today has become one of the most important eSports & gaming communities in France and Europe (Now part of Gameo Consulting). In 2008, I joined Cyanide Studio in Paris, France where I built a Marketing & Communications department and developed Cyanide's corporate image. In 2010, I moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada where I got to work with games industry veterans like Dan Irish and Jack Wall before being given the opportunity to join EA Canada and lead Need for Speed World's Global Marketing efforts. There, I could assist to the western market's free-to-play & digital boom from the core. A year later, I made the transition to Performance Marketing and moved to the US, still working for EA until today and loving it!

Besides career, I love Martial Arts and have been actively practicing English Boxing, French Boxing (Savate) and Wing Tsun Kung Fu throughout the past years. I love motorcycle cruisers. Cruising along the coast is one of my favorite activities. I'm also addicted to Music. I have no limits as long as it pleases my ears. There has always been a pair of turntables everywhere I've lived in the past 15 years. Been DJing as a pro in my teenage till mid-twenties, but as an amateur now.