Ashie S. Hirji

I am a digital entrepreneur, digital-tech activist, new media content strategist creator. I work with technologists who are in the cyber security sector.

And I am working with a fashion designer with her business.

I like luxury, perfume, fashion, sexy cars & experience life as an adventure

I believe in digital education for all and protecting our environment, oceans and seas. Prior to 2001 I worked in the perfume and cosmetic sector, I love this sector.

In 2002 my journey began in the new media sector.

I believe in digital innovation and inclusion. For the last several years I have been speaking of cyber threats & dangers in the digital landscape bringing awareness, at the same I am working with technologists to find a solution for online protection and privacy rights solutions from an end point of view for innocent children and women at risk for digital education and new media sector.

I can't solve the world's problems! Although I now know how to finally solve safety & protection side of issues as we bridge the digital divide from an end point of view.. mainly to keep innocent children, & women safe from the current cyber dangers, threats as we bridge the digital divide. As innocent users of the Internet we seem to face many unknown threats as we access social Internet platforms via our devices.

HOW? well you will have to talk to me to find out!!! if you believe in innocent users digital end point rights.

The future digital evolution is about cyber security and the power of secure cloud as we bridge the digital divide.

I am border line dyslexic I am curious about life...

I have had a near life death experience.

"To achieve something that you have never achieved, you have to be someone that you have never been." by Swami Vivekananda.

WHY this advocacy is important to me! follow my digital human journey & my portfolio.

I work with technologitst, I believe end point protection, safey and privacy is part of human rights issue for many innocent children, women and all activists who are at risk in the digital world.

“In the 21st century “As digital technology plays a larger role in our lives, security th