Ashish Rai

Born: 12 August, 1982

Lives in: Kathmandu, Nepal

Professional Bio: Ashish Rai is the Inside Sales & Marketing Manager with CloudFactory, a venture backed startup that provides advanced Data Services to the F5000. Prior to his engagement with CloudFactory, Ashish spent 3 years as an SEO consultant helping companies of all sizes - Startups, SMBs and BigCos to drive targeted traffic and translate it to increased leads/revenue/growth.

Previously, Ashish worked in BPO and Offshore Web development companies in variety of roles including Head of Total Quality, Head of Operations (Search Marketing) and led over 30+ Outbound Sales reps as a Team Lead. After 5+ years of association with the industry, he turned his back on corporate life to become an entreprenuer.

When not telling incredible stories, Ashish loves writing about himself in the third person. On twitter, he's @Areahouse40 which he uses more than G+.