Ashley Esqueda


Ashley Esqueda is a geek of many talents: She currently writes and hosts for pop culture touchstone The Escapist, hosts for the Mobile Nations network of blogs, and chats weekly on her self-founded gadget podcast Techfoolery.

Recently, she’s been seen covering the London 2012 Olympic Games for Samsung Electronics, SXSW for Logitech Ultimate Ears, and E3 for Tecca. She has a penchant for all things geek, ranging from mobile technology to video games to pop culture, offering a wide variety of knowledge across various topics.

Ashley serves charismatic and witty realness in the tech scene, and has charmed celebrities, CEOs, and consumers on red carpets, trade conventions, and the streets. There’s nowhere she won’t go for a laugh, especially at her own expense.

In her spare time, she is the Queen of an unnamed island nation and enjoys writing outrageously false facts about herself in bios.