Ashley Freeman

19 Year old R&B/Pop Singer/Songwritier/Actress/Poet/Pianist

Let me start off my introducing myself, My name is Ashley Freeman and i am 19 years old. At the age of just 8 years old i realized that I had a voice. Right then and there I knew someday I wanted to be a professional singer. Throughout the years, I kept to myself about singing. Funny story, when I was 10 I decided to sing for some of my friends at a sleepover and they we're extremely impressed, so at that moment it was proven that I could sing and I wasn't tone deaf! As the years went by I unfortunately drifted away from singing, and more towards acting. At 12 years old, I had my mother take me on every possible audition around, until I found ''John Casablanca s Modelling and Career Center'' At 15 . From there, I took professional acting classes, and learned all the steps I needed to represent myself professionally. The professional headshots weren't the bests pictures I've ever seen of myself, but I think I've improved in the years quite a bit! During my time at Dracut High School, I was involved in chorus, but nothing pretty big. During the summer I was involved in a amazing production with Spotlight Playhouse that was unforgettable. The exciting part of high school came my senior year, (2012-2013) when i was extremely involved. Not only did I get involved in school productions, but I got back into singing. To tell you the truth, singing is always going to be my strong spot. I started to really discover my voice in 2012. During that time is when I realized that I was going to college to major in music. During my life I had have many ups and downs and there is just something about the music that has kept me going. I have a emotional connection with music. One day I want to be able to inspire people like other Singers have inspired me. To create music that will change is world is all I ever wanted in life. There are going to be ups, and down including the ones I've already experienced, but with hard work, passion and dedication, comes success. I would never in a heart beat give up music. To wrap things up, I am now in my second semester of college at Middlesex Community College in Lowell MA, and let me tell you, my voice has improved so much. I am a classically trained Mezzo- Soprano vocalist, but I plan for the future to be a contemporary vocalist. My musicianship has expanded and i am a pianist. Right now I am working on demo, and composing my own pieces of music. I have been t