Ashtyn Bell
This is my Baobab tree. Monkey bread, anyone? Foundational Roots: My hometown is Oak Park, IL. However, I was reared in a few places: San Francisco, CA | Chicago, IL | Ann Arbor, MI. I attended Washington Irving Elementary School, Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High, Fenwick High School, and the University of Michigan. I dream, I ponder, I hoop. Therefore, I am. Trunk Thick (of things): Growing up with a mother who builds software applications and a stepfather who is a hardware engineer, I have been fond of technology since an early age... especially when I found out you could build your own levels on DOOM. I always had an inkling that I would use that fondness some how, some way. {C:\the world™} My better half and I are travellers. I have been to 25 countries spanning 5 continents (she's been to way more!). My favorite city in this world is Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. I'm dying to go to Lalibela, Ethiopia. {C:\the world™} After 5.167 years in real estate finance, I founded ArdhiView in September 2011. ArdhiView is the first location-based, file storage app that automatically maps users' project, transaction, and client documents to their geographies, making location the focal point of collaboration. Aspirational Branches: Where my interests lie: innovative educational technology | culturally specific manners | progressive public education | multiple language acquisition | film photography. I will change our world using mediums that captivate me. What will you do? Yes, that's enough ... what about you?