Asia de Ville

Born on the 15th of April, Asia grew up in a well protected parental and wealthy home. Already at school times she liked it to stand on stage and to perform. During all those younger years she discovered more and more how it's like to sing and to entertain. She was member in a choir and an orchestra as a violin player. At the age of 17 years she also had a part in a musical where she could extend her affection to sing and to dance. After the commercial school she did her first time as a nude and erotic model and discovered alongside her talent for marketing and PR. After some years, among the rest, of an activity in an advertising agency in Hamburg, she was discovered on the Extasia, the leading erotic fair in Switzerland by Peter Preissle, Manager of "Mascotte Film" and so she did the first step to a maybe-career and got in January 2005 her very first shooting as an Adult Movie Actress. After this premiere "Loulou Asia" was created as a porn actress. The following years are the run of the porn … Alongside she also made an excursion to the TV Business where she got several experiences as a host of a "Call-in" Show and a talkshow partner. The lil' language artist never rested by one part of media business. She wrote blogs on erotic sites where she told about the naked truth behind the Adult Business and got appearances on Radio Shows…After a longer stay in Budapest Asia discovered some new opportunities and contacts and did a big and important step as an international Adult Movie Actress and became like they say "harder pace". She changed her stage-name from German known and silly minded "Loulou Asia" to  "Asia de Ville". The following shootings she performed for International High Class Labels like "Private", "Evil Angel" and many more. Til today she is one of the most intresting, scandalous, ambicious and international Swiss Adult Movie Actresses. One of her very personal highlights was her appearance as a Co- Host at the Erotic Fair "Extasia10" where she performed as well as a showgirl with her friend Milano Rossi. Nobody actually knows the truth or more than necessary about her private life. She had, if rumours are telling the truth, affairs and connections with some Soccer Players, TV- and Music Artists from Germany and Beauty Contest candidates. Even though she keeps her lips closed and clarifies: „I don' t think only with the body and I got no need to make myself more important as asked about my privacy …“