Agustín Soriano

+10 years of experience in planning for brands communication.

Degree in Advertising and Public Relations for UCH-CEU University. Master in Account Planning. In process to get the PhD in strategic planning.

Ex-basketball player, cinema addict, music-lover, shower singer, drool dad and proud to have a profession that let me learn everyday a lot of stuff from people and other creatures. Currently I’m strategy director at JWT Amsterdam. Previously, I worked at top-level agencies in places like Madrid and Chicago before to start my own project where I invested 5 marvellous years, Rosebud.

My profile as a planner corresponds with an inquiring guy that reads tons of everything to feed his curiosity about the world. That allows me to understand better the client and their problems, connect brands with culture (in my opinion, if you pay for the services of a planner, you are paying exactly for this), be better in what is important, keep the passion for the communication world growing every day, connect dots, understand better the human truths and be passionated about technology and media. I also have a Latin American and Hispanic culture background and a failure degree on Kitesurf and DJ to complete this mess.

And, yes, I also share my ideas about brands and planning at: