Daydream Believer, Tech'N'Tutor & Filmmaker:

I am Genny Astartiel from the Black Hills of S.Dakota. I am a 40-year-old, single mother still seeking the answers to life, the universe & everything, trying to figure out humanity's existential dilemma while living a good life.

I Am
For Hire As
A Computer-Purchasing Consultant,
Available For Advising
On Best Gadget
For You!
Let Me Know
If You Need Help
With This!

I am also interested in getting involved in filmmaking in some capacity or other.

I also write poetry and songs. You can find my music if you search for Astartiel's Dream. Let me know if you like my music or if you want to produce it & make me rich!

Please contact me if interested in computer tech help, producing my music or making a film together!

I Really Want To Direct!

I am a dreamer... and daydream believer.