Jennifer (Jennie Astartiel) Johnson

I am Jennifer (Jennie Astartiel) Johnson from the Heart of the Black Mining Hills of S.Dakota. I am a 42-year-old, single mother seeking the answers to life, the universe & everything, trying to figure out humanity's existential dilemmas while somehow living a good and happy life.

I'm seeking decent-paying employment. See my resume here:

Gisher, Geek, Rapscallion, Occultist, Genealogist, Angelic Entity, Singer, Poet, Artist, Bartender, Time Lady, Asetian Vampire, Photographer, Computer Freak, Introvert, New Ager, Quantum Jumper, Reiki Master, Future Filmmaker, Daughter, Sister, Lover, Friend and Mom of an Awesome Daughter & Seeker of Truth, Wonder, Magic, Love, Beauty & The Answer to Life, The Universe & Everything (42).

I write poetry and songs. You can find my music if you search for Astartiel's Dream. Let me know if you like my music or if you want to produce it & make me rich!

Please contact me if interested in computer tech help, producing my music, making a film together or hiring me!

But What I Really Want To Do Is Direct!

I am a dreamer... and daydream believer.