Astrid D'Eredità

Born in Taranto in 1979, lives in Rome with an airline ticket to Europe in her pocket.
Research fellow at Associazione Civita for a project on using social media for museums, galleries and heritage sites. Associazione Civita is a non-profit organisation founded by a group of companies, universities and public research bodies. It has by now become an important benchmark in the italian debate on the cultural heritage and activities.
She holds a PhD in Roman Archaeology from the University ’Federico II’ of Naples and a specialization in Museology and Museography from the University ’Aldo Moro’ of Bari.

She is responsible for communication and new media for the Italian National Association of Archaeologists (INAA) and founded the Committee on Gender Perspectives ’Archeologhe che (r)esistono‘.
Her line of research addresses public understanding of science, new technologies applied to museums and archaeological research, crusades for the legal recognition of italian cultural professionals. Her essay ‘Archaeology beneath the city: museum displays of underground sites in the world‘ won in 2011 the 5th Forma Urbis Prize.
Blogger for the Italian newspaper Paese Sera, she writes for the magazine t3nta and is managing editor of the online scientific journal ‘Il Futuro dell’Antico‘.

She will marry Paul McCartney, sooner or later.