e.E. Charlton-Trujillo

I'm traveled America to workshop with at-risk youth on a very unconventional book tour (see AMAZE-TASTIC Publishers Weekly article) and made an unconventional feature length documentary in the process.

Rather than simply signing copies of my third novel FAT ANGIE (Candlewick Press, March 2013), I partnered with libraries, independent bookstores and community organizations to make myself accessible for who often don't have access to creative mentors.

I'm making a feature documentary about the experince, and community of some of the finest writers in YA & MG literature appear in the film.

Ellen Hopkins, Kathy Erskine, Matt de la Peña, C.G. Watson, Meg Medina, Nandi Sourjour, A.S. King, Michelle Embree, Ned Vizzini

Who Am I (In The Third Person)? The author/filmmaker deemed rockstar and Wexican (Whitest Mexican American) by the kids she meets won the prestigious Delacorte Dell Yearling Award and Parents' Choice Silver Honor for PRIZEFIGHTER EN MI CASA. FEELS LIKE HOME received critical praise, but it was FAT ANGIE that generated The New York Times Bestselling Author buzz from Gregory Maguire and Ellen Hopkins. Nominated for Best Fiction for Young Adults and the Rainbow List by YALSA, FAT ANGIE garnered starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal. Traveling America on an unconventional book tour, Charlton-Trujillo workshops with at-risk youth in their communities at no cost to the programs. She is making a feature documentary of the experience titled At-Risk Summer.

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