A u g u s t o S á n c h e z

I was born creative! “As far back as I can remember, I was drawing, painting, taking photos, and exploring expressive media. There was never any doubt about what I would be doing in the future! I developed a loyal and strong work ethic driven by the desire to impress all who viewed my work. I also train my brain every day with the hardest work out rutines to challenge and grow my natural talent and desire to always keep improving while being unique.

Augusto Sánchez Is a Latin American artist from COLOMBIA, who began his career as an art director for some of the biggest advertising agencies around the world. Therefore, his paintings reflect his appreciation not only for the canvas, but also for photography, mixed media and industrial design. He likes to play with the concept of angels, their divinity and his belief in their female essence. His angels paintings range from dramatic, colorful, rustic, eccentric but always with a contemporary look, all of which reflect the artists’ passions for creativity and uniqueness. There is something in common between every angel; they are all delicate, feminine and this is when the spiritual concept is entwined with feminine beauty.

“ While looking into my art, you’ve let me in through your eyes, I’ve navigated your subconscious and stolen one of your emotions”