April Underwood

I am a consumer internet addict with a passion for platforms and partnerships. I fell in love with technology for the first time at a young age when I realized I could catalog and sort my baseball cards in Microsoft Works. As all good love stories go, I fell in love with it a few other times -- but most importantly while I was in college and did ISP tech support for users in rural Texas with 28k modems, and realized I wanted to make technology my career.

I've worked at some awesome places: Travelocity, Apple, Google, and Twitter (where I still do, currently). I used to write code, and I also like to write term sheets, but most of all I love working with engineers to build and launch great products that people want to use.

Right now, I'm focused on building products for advertisers at Twitter, and previously I led Twitter's strategic Business Development team focused on search, commerce, and B2B partnerships. 

I'm an active alumna of of The University of Texas (Management Info Systems/Business Honors, 2001) and University of California Berkeley - Haas (MBA, 2007), and a pretty decent gardener and baker. 

Want to know more? Check out my Linkedin profile to learn more about my past, or follow me on Twitter to keep up in real time.