Brian Briskey

Welcome, I'm currently working to build bridges between artists and their ideal audience through social media, organizational outreach, and internet marketing... using the mechanics of patronage and crowdfunding.

I'm excited to share news about the emerging patronage economy that is leading artists toward a second Renaissance. It is looking more and more like the vision of Gaius Maecenas, the philanthropist and patron of the poets Virgil and Horace during the early Roman Empire.

Currently part of this paradigm shift, I lead artists and campaign managers at the most collaborative crowdfunding campaign agency in the world. By offering Market Research, Audience Testing, and Management Services my amazing team is able to help filmmakers and producers generate sustainable careers and further the causes of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments and their partner Nonprofits.

This is all thanks to my formative years as a Non-Commissioned Officer and team leader for media forces in the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. The role varied over a seven-year enlistment between broadcast journalist, field reporter, and production manager/director of propaganda campaigns overseas.

Having adventures overseas to include tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cyprus, and Honduras with notable honors and awards including the Volunteer Service Medal for work with orphanages in Central America I am inspired by stories about the human condition and the missions to help people overcome difficulty.

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